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Sexual Intercourse and sexual techniques

The leadership in any particular session of sexual intercourse is determined by the sexual position selected; it is a mistake to assume that the man normally takes the active or dominant role - in woman on top the woman will normally be leading, and the man responds to her movements.

 In sex positions where the man is on top, the woman may wish to respond to his desire to coordinate their movements. The man, too, should allow - willingly and without hesitation - the woman to lead him, if she so desires.

The husband should not think his wife is threatening his sexuality if she wants to lead during sex once in a while. The partner who takes the leading role in the sex act can readily obtain the desired stimulation. It is only natural for the woman at times to wish to do this.

Male Sex Movements During Intercourse

Front-back Movement

The man thrusts forward and backward in the face-to-face sexual techniques and the rear-entry sexual techniques.

Within the limits of the sex position he can move to the right and the left in addition to the front-back movement and twist his hips in a circle or arc to add variety.

He is free to determine the speed and depth of his movements, but it does not necessarily mean that fast and deep front-back movements give the best results in sexual stimulation. Such movements should be reserved for the last moment when the man is ready to arrive at orgasm.

A more desirable movement to enhance the woman's orgasmic pleasure is the gentle, deep thrust and swift withdrawal, or the alternating movements of several shallow, front-back movements and several deep, front-back movements.

The gentle thrust arouses her expectation and the harder thrusts may increase her desire.

Close Rotation

This is a movement of agitation. The sex organs are united and the sex act is performed with the external sex organs pressed closely together. The couple derive a strong, satisfying sense of closeness. This actually resembles the coital alignment technique - about which you can read more here and here.

Close Pressure

The sex organs in union are pressed together. This position is useful for resting with sex organs in close connection during pauses in lovemaking and during or after orgasm.

Female Sex Movements During Intercourse

In the face-to-face, woman-above adaptation of missionary position, the woman must support the thrusting movements with her arms and legs.

She is usually not successful because she tries, like the man, to press toward his sex organs instead of withdrawing from him. The front-back movement from lower front to upper rear usually dislodges the sex organs. It may be hard to imitate the man's front-back movement with the hips.

Until she is accustomed to these more elaborate movements, she should practice the straight-line movement including the upper half of her body.

Depending on her posture, the woman moves up and down in the front back movement, but there is less fear of his cock popping out of her vagina if she tries moving from lower rear to upper front. She will need more experience than the man to determine the speed and depth of thrusting.

She can stimulate the man effectively by advancing quickly, and gently withdrawing.

Through practice she may employ not only the simple straight movement but also the oblique straight line from the right and left as well as the movements in an arc or circle drawn with the skilful twist of the hips.

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Methods of Joint Movement During Intercourse

Greeting Method

Both partners close in and withdraw simultaneously. The stimulation is highly effective, but inexperienced partners who move too far can easily come apart at withdrawal.

Pendulum Method

One partner advances when the other withdraws and vice versa. Complete unison is impossible, and stimulation is effective only with a slight lag or finesse. It is more difficult to perform than the greeting method.

Alternating Method

One partner rests while the other performs and vice versa. It not applicable to all sexual techniques.

Sexual techniques

The human being has the special privilege of being able to assume a variety of positions in sexual intercourse. The man and woman who experience only one or a limited number of sex positions in their life span are missing much. And of course it must be added that the best sex may come in a loving relationship, in which case the intimacy and love of the partners may well overcome the technical failings of the mechanics of sexual intercourse.

The different sexual techniques offer one form of enjoyment in your sex life: a change from sexual boredom, a refreshing interlude.

These sexual techniques are not necessarily independent of one another - you can readily move into one position from another. By separating them and selecting only one position for the entire sex act, both partners may experience less than powerful orgasm.

Your physical limitations may prevent you from using some positions, but try all the sexual techniques you can.

The sexual techniques may be divided into two basic types: The face-to-face sexual techniques and the rear-entry positions.

Others are merely their variations and combinations. In the face-to-face position the curve of the vaginal cavity and that of the penis are complementary and thus highly effective in stimulating each other. In this way, the man is strongly stimulated in the glans and the woman in the clitoris and the vaginal wall.

The face-to-face sexual techniques may be subdivided into the following four postures, in which:

1. The woman lies on her back.

2. The man lies on his back.

3. The man sits.

4. Both partners lie on their sides.

5. Standing sexual techniques.

MAN ON TOP sexual techniques

position A man on top lovemakingHuman beings prefer to make love in positions in which the partners face each other rather than the rear-entry positions, because human sexual intercourse is the ultimate expression of love, rather than just a lustful instinct for reproduction.

At times we want to embrace our loved one in our arms, but we do not stop there, we proceed to kissing and to sexual intercourse.

Thus, it is only natural that in facing each other we choose the face-to-face position for coitus.

The woman-supine position is the most popular of all the face-to-face sexual techniques.

 It is easy to perform and natural for both the man and the woman because the man is active and the woman passive; the man inserts his penis and the woman accepts it.

Along with the side by side sexual techniques it is the easiest position for both partners to reach orgasm in sexual intercourse.


The postures which a woman can adopt during a session of face to face, man on top sex depend on the position of her legs.

Position A

This is the most well-known, highly suitable lovemaking position to attain orgasm. The woman's arms are free, and she flexes her legs and spreads her thighs in different degrees for varied stimulation. The more she flexes her legs the more easily she can respond to the man's movements.

She is able to place her heels behind his knees, or by raising her feet and clutching the man's thighs with them she can move freely and lie comfortably on her back with stability.

New lovers usually select this sex position for their first intercourse as it is easy for them to enjoy penetration.

 If there is a problem, she probably did not spread her thighs wide enough, or he probably performed a clumsy intromission in his impatience. In other words, the inexperienced man forces his erect penis downward instead of lowering his hips and pressing forward horizontally.

To make it easier for the woman on her first night she should place a flat pillow under her buttocks. The pillow should not be placed beneath her hips, for this would make it more difficult for the man to enter her.

After some experience, the pillow should be dispensed with in Position A. The pillow under her buttocks keeps the pubic region facing up and prevents contact of the penis with the clitoris.

The pillow under her hips corrects this defect somewhat, but only at the expense of increased discomfort on the part of the woman.

Position B

position B man on top lovemakingIf there is difficulty in keeping the sex organs together, Position B is often used to follow up sex in position A. The legs are placed in a more comfortable position than in Position A, but movement is less free and sexual union is not as deep.

In spite of these disadvantages Position B has some things going for it. With the legs extended flat, the pubic region faces more downward than in A, thus stimulation of the clitoris is enhanced.

The vaginal opening is narrowed further than in Position A, thus giving more stimulation to the penis. For better results, the woman should not spread her thighs too much - just wide enough to make room for the man's knees.

Position B may also be used for resting after an orgasm achieved in Position A.

A fluffy pillow placed under the buttocks produces a unique effect in Position B. With her abdominal muscles and the front muscles of her thighs stretched the woman will not only feel highly ecstatic but also experience a pleasurable illusion of floating down during lovemaking.

Position B with both her legs dangling from the bed produces a similar effect. The bed should be high enough to prevent the feet from reaching the floor or to permit the legs to fold backward and the thighs to drape down or forward. The man's position should be altered correspondingly with the varying height.

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