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It's a myth that it's only the male of the species that is interested in a bit of sexy rock 'n' roll every day of the week. In fact, it's a pernicious myth that men want sex much more than women.

For one thing, men are often tired out and exhausted by work, stress, and the demands placed on them these days, so much so that they find their sex drive lacking after a few weeks of excitement in a new relationship (think how much more sex you have on holiday).

But that's not the main reason why we say women want sex just as much as men. Society has conspired to oppress women's sexual desire in the past, and now that we've entered a more liberated era, women's sexuality can find its true expression.

One of the best things about this is the liberation and freedom that comes with knowledge - and that's not just about knowing the best sexual techniques, it's about knowing the best sexual techniques for you and your partner.

When choosing your best sexual techniques, you should never underestimate a woman's desire for sex. It's just that the circumstances have to be right.

Devotees of Tantra have long believed that a woman's sexual energy is potentially much more intense than a man's: in fact, her energy is seen as a connection with the primal source of all generative energy in the universe.

Well, while that might be going too far, what we do know is that women fantasize a great deal every day and at great length -- and not just about which are their best sexual techniques!

Their fantasies cover a whole range of kinky activities - some of which would really shock you. What's interesting, though, is that most of their fantasies, if they involve penetration at all, all focus on the best sexual techniques for women, the ones they enjoy the most....

...and these are the best sexual techniques to create a balance between how difficult they are to get into and the amount of pleasure that you get from them.

Women don't want to work hard during sex: it's been their traditional role to satisfy their male lovers, and now they're backing out of that role and demanding sexual satisfaction for themselves.

And yes, of course women actually love to try the more adventurous sexual techniques every now and then.

But the best sexual techniques are the ones that will get your woman wet, the ones that might even make her climax, and the ones that will definitely give you more satisfaction -- just because she's getting more satisfaction.

The first of our "Best sexual techniques" is woman on top!

The vast majority of women like being on top because it makes them feel like they're the one who's in charge of sex.

Like other kinds of power, sexual power can be a wonderful boost, an aphrodisiac - and she can enjoy both the position and the power in many ways.

The most obvious way is for the man to lie on his back while the woman gets over him, lowers herself onto him, and then rides him. This gives her the best chance of an orgasm during intercourse.

But a woman can feel overexposed during woman on top sex if her body's not quite how she would like it to be, or if she feels self-conscious about the size of her breasts. It can also be uncomfortable if she has long legs (or conversely very short ones). To overcome these difficulties try the nest best sex position - sitting.

As the man, sit down on a chair without arms and then have her sit astride you on your lap. In this position she can reach around or behind you to get leverage against the back of the chair or the sofa, and if she wants she can also leave one hand free to play with her clitoris - this might actually bring her to climax as you make love -- which is the best possible outcome for both of you.

As a man, you might feel tempted to sit back and watch what's happening, enjoying the sight of her body, the feel of her moving on you, but if you really want to make this special for her then simply give her breasts and nipples some attention or gently trace your fingers across the surface of her belly, one of her most erogenous zones.

The next "Best Sex Position" which women really adore is one you probably like a lot as well -- the good old missionary position for sex

And don't deride it because it's commonplace; it has the potential for an enormously exciting session of hot sex.

Sure, in the wrong hands this sex position leads to boring sex which the puritans would have loved, but that's only because the partners are bored or lack enthusiasm in what they're doing.

With passion and some exciting creativity, this sex position is one of the very best for both sexes - and there are some damn good reasons why: for one thing this is a sex position which is almost endlessly adaptable - the variations just go on and on, and they are all very simple and straightforward to get into.

None of them involve huge amounts of effort, none of them involve huge amounts of difficulty, and all of them provide lots of satisfaction.

What's important here is to get her really wet and willing by showing some male dominance. Take charge of her. Lay her down on the bed forcefully but gently, kiss her and tease her with the moves that you know make her most excited, then spread her legs with your knee and gently push them apart.

If you want to add a little bit of extra spice, and show her you're the best lover she's ever had, get hold of her hands and place them above her head whilst you show her what you can do.

Women love their men to be confident and dominant -- especially in the bedroom -- provided this dominance is masterful and respectful. When a man behaves in a dominant and loving way, it activates a woman's deepest desires for sexual union.

She can relax, she can abandon herself to her feelings, and she can really take every ounce of pleasure from your moves.

If you're a man who has a tendency to reach his climax too quickly, and you need to know how to last in bed, make sure that you do something to give her extra pleasure that brings her on to match your own speed, or, better yet, slow yourself down so that you can take her to the heights of sexual pleasure.

And, if you feel that you need a bit of extra passion, then whisper gently in her ear those things that will make her sizzle with excitement and blush with desire: if you tell her what you can do to her she'll get so hot and wet this will turn your loving antics into a storm of passion.

Any sex which is hot sex, with complete trust and understanding between the partners, is a great way of eliminating sexual dysfunction - provided, of course, that the passion is accompanied by respect and / or love.

So what's the next "Best Sex Position" which women like?

Well this is a pretty good one ... your lover can sit on a table at the right height for you to penetrate her while you stand between her legs in front of her.

Get this right, and the opportunity for deep penetration is about as good as it gets -- and you can get even deeper into her by having her legs around your waist so she grips you tightly while you thrust into her.

Make sure that her vagina is placed directly level with your groin so that you can get easily into her and thrust deeply. This is one of the best sexual techniques of all.

What's more, if you're a man who has the a penis that curves upwards when erect, you can probably give her an orgasm by thrusting against her G spot -- provided of course that you have the staying power to make this happen!

There are all kinds of different places where you can try this: the kitchen table comes to mind, but how about the bathroom counter, the hood of your car out in the countryside, or even the washing machine?

This is a deep thrusting position and it might make you get to orgasm faster, so you might need to take a break from time to time to get your self-control back so you can keep yourself going for as long as it takes to bring her close to the edge of her orgasm.

Make sure that you keep her sexually aroused by playing with her clitoris, kissing her, and perhaps fondling her breasts while you pause to bring your own arousal down so that you can last longer and find out how to stop premature ejaculation.

Provided you keep her aroused, by the time you start again she'll be ready to go, and on the edge of climax.

What about the more gentle "Best sexual techniques"?

Well, the spoon position, also known as the side-by-side sex position, is one of the best - and it's no wonder that women love it so much.

Your woman will absolutely adore the feeling of having you curled up behind her, cupping her breasts with your hand.

Whenever you try this, she'll love the feeling as you wrap your arms around her, and she'll love the sense of being penetrated while you lie behind her.

This encompasses the qualities that women like during sex: gentleness, full bodily contact, and a slight sense of dominance while being taken from behind.

This is an extremely comfortable sexual position which allows lots of fondling and caressing - and that includes all the sensitive parts of the body, so it's bound to go down as an absolute hit with both of you.

She can arch her body to give you better access, or she can lift her leg up so that you can get more easily into her warmth and wetness, with the added bonus of giving you a clear view of everything that's happening!

Make sure that you take advantage of the opportunity to stimulate her clitoris while you pleasure her.

And last but not least is the Best Rear Entry Sex Position!

You might wonder why this is on a list of women's best sexual techniques -- the answer is, surprisingly perhaps, that she loves rear entry just as much as you do. Or at least she does if she's comfortable with her body and uninhibited about you seeing her butt.

And why is that? Women enjoy being taken from behind while they're on all fours because they get great pleasure from releasing their sexual inhibitions, letting conventional expectations go, and enjoying a rip roaring session of lewd, rude sex.

In this position, she's just a girl who's going for it, pleasing her man, and being just about as sexy in bed as it's possible for a woman to be.

But it's important to make sure she doesn't feel like a sex object, so you're the one who needs to judge how much you pull her hair, how much you slap her butt (and that may mean not at all), and you're the one who can judge just how hard a pounding she can take.

More to the point, however, might be the fact that you have to control premature ejaculation whilst you're having intercourse in this position: in which case, slow down and slide your fingers up between her legs and play with her clitoris, or alternatively put your hand round and do it from the front.

You can vary this position in many ways: you can lean forward yourself to encompass her body rather than kneeling or standing behind her; you can pull her into a kneeling sex position so she sits on your lap as you thrust up into her.

You can nibble her neck or her ears, and you can hold her breasts....this has to be one of the most versatile positions there is - and it's certainly one of the ones she'll enjoy the most.

So what about some variations on those themes?

There are plenty of variations that can you can use to change any sex position into a rip roaring, fabulous sexual dance between the two of you.

One of the first is what we've called the cowgirl twisting dance. How does it work?

Simply sit on a chair, get her on your erect cock, and then ask her to twist or rotate her hips so that she teases you - and she can do it either before you enter her, with your erection touching her clitoris, or she can do it when she's slid right down on your upright shaft: then, she'll be giving you the best sex you can imagine - all the time getting a real thrill herself!

And the simple old-fashioned man on top sex position can give you both an even better ride if you just add a pillow beneath her hips or her ass.

Spread her legs, have her her feet placed flat on the mattress, and then enter her to get deep penetration and fantastic sexual stimulation. And you might just make her come as you thrust, because your body will rub gently against her clitoris -- use some lubrication between your bodies to help her reach orgasm.

And while the "spoons" position is best for relaxed lovemaking and a great favorite with women because of the intimacy you get, you can always make it sexier by taking her uppermost leg and putting it across your own thigh: you'll find this opens her whole genital area up to you in a way which can make even a woman whose inhibitions would grace the Puritans feel like a sex goddess about to be granted access to the glorious phallus of her god!

And here's another exciting sex position, again involving the woman on top or cowgirl position: this time you, the man, get on your knees facing the head of the bed and you lower your ass onto your heels.

 Your lover then squats over you with her bum towards your lap - she's facing away from you - while grasping the headboard.

She can use this as leverage while she gently lowers herself onto you -- you might need to guide your penis into her.

Then, she can ride you while you grip her around the waist, possibly guiding the speed and rhythm of her movements, but definitely adding any extras spice that you wish - such as gentle hair tugging and mild spanking.

Now, what about female desire?

Well, if you're still wondering how important it is for a woman to emotionally engage with the man with whom she's having sex to feel aroused in her mind - which is where orgasms come from - then this piece of research on female desire will interest you.