Your Best Sex Positions


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Sex Positions For Fat People

So the information on the Internet about sex positions for overweight people but the reality is that sex if you're fat or are obese is often not as simple as you might wish it to be.

And if you like a particular position that makes sex difficult when you're fat, then you really need to either find something new, or adapt the way you're making love so that things can proceed as you wish.

So missionary, in particular, will you require you to do something different. The watchword here is "pillows". First of all you are likely to put some pillows under your partner's buttocks until her vagina is tilted to an angle where you can actually penetrate her easily.

The best way, at least for a lot of fat people, is to adopt a kneeling position, balance on your hands and enter her slowly. One difficulty here might be the fact that your penis may not be long enough to penetrate her - unless her legs are flexible enough to go up into the air vertically and her ankles can rest on your shoulders.

Another good position for fat people is to have the woman lie on her side with her knees bent -- again she can use pillows under her hips if that is comfortable. The man would kneel as if he was going to enter her in the doggy position. But what he is doing is entering her from behind and sideways. It's a position that you see a lot of in porn movies.

Thus, if you're both fat, in particular if you're obese, having the woman on top of the man is actually more challenging, but as a sexual position, you can work your way around this. Place a couple of pillows under your own buttocks, and when she's on top have her lie on her back and put her weight partly on her hands while she uses her feet to generate rhythmic movements.

Alternatively of course you can bend your knees and she can turn round so that she's facing away from you, using your knees for support.

As always, doggy position, or rear entry sexual positions, can be used by people of all shapes and sizes -- even those who are very fat. However, if you have a pot belly that is flopping down over your lower abdomen, then you may just find that you're unable to reach her vagina with your penis. In all other cases though, have your partner kneel on all fours, enter her and go for it!

And there is another approach to sex if you're fat or obese, as you may expect! And that is to actually lose some weight.

One of the reasons this might be good idea is because being fat kills people -- being obese is definitely an unhealthy state of being, and it's far better for you if you can actually manage to lose weight rather than tolerating obesity and lack of fitness.

And you really know this yourself, I guess, particularly if you're breathless when you walk to the fridge to get another six-pack of beer out of it.

And please be aware I'm not poking fun at fatness, because I don't think it's at all amusing. I think the consequence is that everybody can be quite serious, but I do recognize that it's also hard to motivate yourself to take exercise and lose weight if you've got into the habit of eating the wrong foods and being a couch potato.

Then, sex for overweight men and women is not so much fun! (For women with a weight problem, this is a way you can find out how to lose weight fast. This is the Venus Factor for women.)

What you need in this situation is something that will motivate you to actually enjoy exercise, and something that actually looks like a diet but doesn't prove to be too hard to follow.

One thing is that I think can be helpful here is a program of dieting, weight loss and body toning -- in short, an exercise program combined with a diet -- and the best one is called the Adonis golden ratio.

Now please don't be put off by the title, because although you may not see yourself as anything like an Adonis, the very fact that you're having a hard time enjoying the right sex positions demonstrates that something needs to change.

The Adonis golden ratio is a tailor-made program, and although it's primarily aimed at body sculpting, getting a good appearance in other words, the truth of the matter is that actually you can use it no matter what size or shape you currently are, to lose weight gradually.

 I mean obviously you can use it to lose weight fast (10 pounds can be lost in 12 weeks with the Adonis plan) -- but the fact of the matter is that you can do it much more gradually than this, and you can do it with exercise which is gentle and absolutely in keeping with your level of fitness.

I recommend that if you're having difficulty finding the right sex position because you're over-weight that you try this, as it's going to make a huge difference, and you'll feel all the better for it - apart from being able to enjoy sex much more fully!